Bettina Matzkuhn: Mappa! Cartography in Cloth

Title: Mappa! Cartography in ClothDSC_0951
Instructor: Bettina Matzkuhn
Process: Stitching/ Quilt
Workshop Duration: Three Day
Date: Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October, 2015
Location: Rocky Harbour Seniors Centre
Mappa is Latin for a square of cloth. Each student will produce 3 small “samplers” in preparation for beginning a larger, personal map that may continue to evolve. Looking at historical as well as contemporary artists’ maps, we will discuss their forms and meanings. This workshop will encourage an increased awareness of our personal pathways –either remembered, imagined or projected– and develop a textile language to express them. What to include, what to leave out? Using simple surface design, embroidery and appliqué techniques, our journeys can be told through the cloth.
All Levels welcome.

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Bettina Matzkuhn
Bettina Matzkuhn holds a BFA in Visual Arts and an MA in Liberal Studies from Simon Fraser University. In the 1980s she animated and directed three award-winning films using textiles and a love for narrative inform her work. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has presented research papers on her detailed and thought provoking series. She also teaches as a sessional instructor, lectures, volunteers and writes on the arts.