Coleen Nimetz- Silk:The Temptress Unravelled

Title: Silk:The Temptress UnravelledDSC_0847 DSC_0837 DSC_0849
Process: Silk Spinning
Instructor: Coleen Nimetz
Workshop Duration: Three Day
Date: Friday 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 October 2015
Location: Marine Centre Studio, Bonne Bay

Artisans have been unravelling the mysteries of Silk throughout time. Participants will learn to reel Silk cocoons using traditional tools. We will then stretch cocoons into mawata (hankies) for spinning, use Silk fibres to make Silk paper and spin thread for embroidery. Because Silk has a reputation of being hard to spin, students will learn drafting techniques to spin every type of silk and preparations available to handspinners.  Participants will blend silk with other fibres to create luxurious yarns and dye silk using natural dyes.


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Coleen Nimetz
SILK_The Temptress Unravelled_Coleen Nimetz_Photo 1Coleen Nimetz is a Master Spinner who is an instructor and subject matter expert for the Olds College Master Spinner Programme.  She teaches spinning and dyeing throughout Canada and the US.  She has expertise in reeling and spinning silk.   Coleen has worked on a silk farm in Laos.  Her work has appeared in many juried shows and has received numerous national and international awards, including the Saskatchewan Craft Council Award for Excellence in Textiles.