Catherine McCausland: Unforgettable Landscape, Unforgettable Design

Title: Unforgettable Landscape, Unforgettable Design
Process: Rug Hooking
Instructor: Catherine McCausland
Workshop Duration: Three Day
Date: Friday 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 October 2015
Location: Endicotts
Can seagulls change colour in mid-flight? Can islands move?
Referencing Gros Morne’s inspirational views, we’ll create site-specific work using a methodology suitable for commissions, clients and studio-pieces. Throughout the three days, you’ll create a dynamic design, pull an evocative colour palette and work on a rug-hooking piece. Topics covered include image clarity and definition, colour contrast and value shifts, to outline or not; tackling common rug-hooking problems; handling basic highlighting and shadow. Strip-cut knits and fabrics will be used as rug materials.
Discover a painterly approach to Rug-Hooking (or were the Pointallists actually repressed hookers?)



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2Catherine’s 20 years-old studio practice incorporates reclaimed textiles into rug-hooking, figures and jewelry. She has designed and made functional works as well as exhibited art pieces in galleries locally and internationally. For several years, Catherine has taught adult-education courses combining practical yet effective techniques with an unconventional approach. Her courses have included rug-hooking (beginners to advanced) and colour and design (multidisciplinary). She encourages participants to develop their own eye to create vibrant, lush results.