Kamaldeep Kaur: Baanhani- The way India does shibori

Title: Baanhani- The way India does shiboriDSC_0831 DSC_0849
Process: Dye
Instructor: Kamaldeep Kaur
Workshop Duration: One Day
Date: Sunday 18  October, 2015
Location: Marine Station Laboratory, Bonne Bay
Baandhani is one of the oldest surface decoration techniques on textiles found in India. In the ancient past it travelled from India to China and subsequently to Japan, where various forms of the same got established as shibori .Traces are found in various countries of south East Asia. Baandhani or Bandana a term made popular by the British has been practiced on the Indian subcontinent since time immemorial. It is one of the oldest textile resist technique used for surface decoration of clothes in Asia. Baandhani has been produced in Gujarat since the mid first century AD. Samples as old as 5th century have been found in existence in various parts of the world.

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Kamaldeep Kaur
Kamaldeep Kaur was born in 1974 and started her career in 1996, after finishing her 2 year design diploma in fashion in New Delhi. Working with one of the top design houses, designer shops and then some fashion boutiques, gave her a good idea of the functionality of the market.
But her main interest was dyeing and printing. She joined the Gujarat state emporium in 1997 and started exploring traditional techniques, by doing extensive research and design development in the villages of Gujarat. In 1998 the Ministry of textiles chose her, for her first six month long project in tie and dye. She worked with two different groups in clamp and baandhani technique. The results were highly regarded and appreciated and led to six different projects staying the villages with the craft communities from 1998-2006.
Different companies started approaching her after seeing her work in GURJARI-the state emporium .Damask as a company was thus launched and she started doing her own production of soft furnishings and Indian garments and fabrics.
In the year 2000, she did her first collection of one of a kind scarves and shawls, on silk, using natural dyes; these were highly appreciated and became her main product line, and remains so till now.