Marjolein Dallinga: Forms in Felt

Title: Forms in Felt
Process: Felt
Instructor: Marjolein Dallinga
Workshop Duration: Three Day
Date: Friday 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18  October 2015
Location: Norris Point Lions Den
Learning to shape your own handmade fabrics, how to create relief, textures and three dimensional (3D) shapes. The main focus is on EXPERIMENTATION AND DISCOVERY.  Discover how to combine your felt with other fabrics and fibers.  Experiment with forms and colors, folds and holes.  Learn about the unlimited world of this ancient art; from ultra light subtle felt to sturdy, sculptural, artistic pieces.  Basic felting experience required

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Marjolein Dallinga 
FeltinFormArtistHSMarjolein Dallinga was born in the Netherlands where she studied Fine Arts. She moved to Montréal, Canada 24 years ago where she pursued her art career through making art books and jewelry. While raising a family, her creativity led her to toy making and teaching art courses to children and adults. This is how she discovered felting and now works fulltime in this medium. The world renowned CIRQUE DU SOLEIL became interested in her work and for the last five years she has been

experimenting with felt for their costume design while also creating final products for their shows.
She now has her own company,, working from her studio with sewing and dyeing rooms. As well she has taught felting for 15 years, in North America, Oceania and in Europe. Since 2011, she has won several international awards for her costumes made for the WOW (World of wearable Art-New Zealand).