Leslie Hauck: Introduction To Hand Spinning

Title: Introduction To Hand SpinningDSC_0803 DSC_0812
Instructor: Leslie Hauck
Workshop Duration: One Day
Date: Friday October 16, 2015
Location: Visitor Centre, Rocky Harbour
Students new to spinning will be introduced to hand carding, the drop spindle, and spinning wheel techniques for creating their own simple finished yarn; learning about elements of drafting and plying a 2-ply yarn, spinning terminology, and qualities of wool.


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Leslie Hauck

leslie-spinning-wool-the-spinners-loft1As a life-long knitter, seamstress, and clothing designer, her love of fibre, colour and textiles has been a continuous thread throughout. But hand spinning grabbed Leslie Hauck through an orangey-pine drop spindle 36 years ago, and has never let go.  Utilizing anything that is spinnable from Sable Island pony hair to milkweed pod silk, handling fibers, working with colour and texture, spinning and creating yarns is a passion for Leslie; so, too, is passing on that excitement through demonstrating to the public and teaching students. Teaching and demonstrating for the last 17 years, she opened her Studio space by the sea in Nova Scotia 9 years ago to offer all levels of students a gorgeous natural environment for learning and relaxing ― finding balance in yarn and life.