Susan Furneaux – Natural Lichen Dyeing

Title: Natural Lichen Dyeing
Instructor: Susan Furneaux 
Workshop Duration: One Day
Date: Friday October 15, 2015
Location: Rocky Harbour Community Centre
This workshop will be a lecture/demonstration format with some hands on. Lichens will be fermented prior to the workshop and we will work with assists to achieve a range of colours. Lichens that produce browns will also be collected from the area and used to produce samples.  While samples are simmering, there will be a photo presentation that will include discussion on:

A brief history of Lichen Dyeing
What are Lichens?
Collecting Lichens
Identifying Lichens
Conservation of Lichens and sustainable harvesting.
Fermenting Orchil
The use of ph in the dye pot.
Further sources of information about Lichen dyeing and their
other uses.
Participants will produce a set of samples and recipes that can be used after the workshop to further experiment with Lichens in their communities.

 Susan Furneaux
09-Susan FurneauxSusan is passionate about hand embroidery and natural fibres. She is committed to the time required to tell a story through hand stitching with colours created from nature. Susan works seasonally: summer and fall are a time to gather and dye materials, winter and spring are for stitching. Her studio is nestled in beautiful Conception Harbour, where she spends time traipsing through woods and over bogs, hunting for dye plants and interesting objects.

Susan is also an instructor at the College of the North Atlantic’s Textiles Program. In 2010, she achieved Post Secondary Educator Certification with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Susan has taught natural dye and textile workshops throughout North America. She has many followers who enjoy her passion for textiles, as well as her casual teaching style. Susan’s award-winning textile creations can be found in collections around the world.